Big Mountain! Here I come....

Why Big Mountain:

My heart beats quickly when I think about amazing peaks out there to ski. My mogul skiing career has built a love for structured training and focus on fundamentals, but I miss creativity and adventure. Competing is super fun, and I thrive on the adrenaline rush of having to put down runs when it counts. However, I drawn to the idea of working collaboratively with people to tell a story. I believe there are bigger goals than just being #1 on the result sheet.

Big mountain offers a unique opportunity to progress and challenge yourself while getting to connect deeply and foster growth with mountains. The community is supportive and inspiring. My personal goals are to bring my technical jumping skills to backcountry skiing and be able to handle any terrain.

My favorite part about mogul skiing is progressing with my teammates. I love the day in and day out hard work to make small changes add up to meaningful progression. Mogul skiing has given me a strong skill set in goal setting and focus growth. I’m excited to learn new skills and develop a different part of my skiing. I hope to find mentors + training partners to collaborate. I have so much to learn and can’t wait to put in the work to grow. 

Ending any chapter is hard, but hey let the adventure begin!


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