Why Action Potential? 

Action Potential is the electrical current that flows inside our neurons. It is the signal that fires when our neurons are activated by our thoughts, actions, and senses. Action potential is the basis for almost everything we do. As neurons fire, they build and strengthen connections to make us who we are. We all have action potential, what will you do with yours? 

Sophia Schwartz

I'm equal parts skier, science nerd, and adventurer...

Skiing: I’m a recently retired US Ski Team mogul skier looking to transfer my skills to big mountain skiing. I thrive on the adrenaline rush of hitting big jumps and skiing steep lines. I’m excited to once again be a wide-eyed eager rookie. I plan to tackle this new path with the same hard work and focus that powered my mogul career.

Nerd: The nerd part is science, especially biology. I’m a graduate from Dartmouth College with a neuroscience major + biology minor. Keep your eyes out for some fun looks at sport science and the underlying biology of our everyday world.

Adventurer: My skiing opens the door for a lot of travel, and I'm lucky to spend time in amazing places. I like to explore new areas and try to get off the beaten path.